Fort Lauderdale: Living Near the Most Magical Place on Earth

One of the many wonders of living in South Florida are the amazing vacations my family and I can take. For one, we live in a beautiful home in Fort Lauderdale, and we can easily go to the beach every day as it is just a few minutes walking distance away.

Spontaneous Vacations

We have the environmental marble of “The Keys” and the Everglades just a couple of hours away. Key West offers colorful snorkeling for the entire family and a diverse array of outdoors activities. The real estate in this area is old school Florida, and it radiates with beauty. While you’re in Key West, don’t miss out on the amazing key lime pies they serve!

The Everglades, on the other hand, offer a more rustic environment. Home to the famous Wind Boats, this vacation is more outdoorsy in the sense that you’re surrounded by marshes and green flora and fauna all over. The food is also delicious as most of the marine life is fresh, and the oysters are perfectly served.


The fun thing about living in Fort Lauderdale is that we can easily take a long-weekend and indulge in the beauty of Fort Lauderdale. To make it seem like a real vacation, home away from home, look into checking into a boutique hotel by the beach, or rent a luxury home for a few days. Luxury homes, more often than not, are located on the water, with stunning views of the intercoastal. If you want to make your vacation be more realistic, but can’t leave Fort Lauderdale due to work or other obligations, book the luxury home for a week! Treat yourself!

There are so many interesting activities to partake in Fort Lauderdale. You and your family can go snorkeling, surfing, and any other oceanic beach activity you could possibly think off!

If you’re staying at a high-end hotel or rented a luxurious waterfront home, you might not want to leave your new abode, unless it is to go out to dinner at an exquisite restaurant. Miami and Fort Lauderdale are now gaining more and more restaurants run by famous chef’s who are not afraid to experiment.

Overall, no matter what you decide to do, while living in Fort Lauderdale, you will never have a dull moment. You can easily pick up and drive two hours North, South, or West, and come across a lovely place, where the magic doesn’t cease.