About Us

Each year my family and I take a 2-week vacation to a new place we’ve never visited. However, since we like to enjoy ourselves, we also try to be as wise as we can with our money. Thus, My Affordable Disney Vacation arose.

I love traveling and enjoying the finer things in life. That is why I try to travel as often as I can with my family in savvy and money conscious way. This is because if we save on some activities, we can use that money to then truly treat ourselves to a more luxurious vacation, or sometimes staycations since our kids do attend school. Living in Fort Lauderdale allows us the flexibility to take a great vacation to South America (as the prices for flights are cheaper from the Fort Lauderdale International Airport), drive 2-4 hours in any direction and come across another magical place, or simply stay in our lovely city and explore it like tourists.

I will be exploring the various ways you can save money on different types of vacations, talk about my own vacations, and reveal to you all my money saving secrets. Trust me, it’s worth it!